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Unlocking the Hidden Value in the Japan of Today

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Unlocking the Hidden Value in the Japan of Today

Looking to access the long-term growth potential of Asia, in an increasingly uncertain world? Japan, the world’s 3rd largest economy, is uniquely positioned as a familiar developed market that is reaping the benefit of Asian growth trends, while not being exposed to the same accompanying risks. The Japan of today is not only a conduit to the world’s most dynamic region, but a decade of sustained corporate and stock market reforms is now bearing fruit. This has created a more shareholder-friendly environment that is helping companies deliver vastly improved profit margins thanks to superior technology, stronger corporate governance and – particularly from within the Asia-Pacific region – better economic growth.

Join our upcoming webinar, during which we'll discuss the benefits of investing in Japan and how you can get started on your own journey. John Vail, the Tokyo-based Chief Global Strategist at Nikko Asset Management, will join our conversation to share his insights on Japan’s untapped investment potential.

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Tom Jessen is a popular Dutch host and winner of the 2020 Online Host of the Year award. He discusses economic developments on BNR News Radio and produces weekly podcasts on asset management and fiduciary management.

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