Impact Investor publishes branded content as well as display advertising. In addition, we offer sponsors their own partner page on the Impact Investor website. Partner content is included in our twice-weekly newsletter.

We offer two packages, varying in duration:

3 months

€ 7,500 ex. VAT

6 months

€ 12,450 ex. VAT

Each package includes the following:


  • Partner page on Impact Investor
  • A spot in the advertorial banner carrousel on Impact Investor  
  • A place in the billboard banner carrousel on Impact Investor 
  • A spot in the HPU banner carrousel on Impact Investor 
  • A place in the rectangle banner carousel on Impact Investor
  • A place in the video carrousel on Impact Investor


  • Participate in the Impact Investor twice-weekly newsletter once every month for the sponsor period: Sponsor will receive leaderboard/advertorial banner position on alternating months for the duration of the sponsor period.
  • Every 4th week the sponsor will be mentioned in the Impact Investor weekly newsletter with a link to “partner content” (see 'Sample Advertisements Newsletter' below. Section 'Meet our partners' is at the bottom of the mail)

See below for examples of partner pages and newsletter & website advertisements.