Pensioen Pro is the leading pensions and investment publication in The Netherlands, reaching approximately 90% of the Dutch institutional market. Each issue includes features on asset management and investment topics, as well as governance and regulatory updates, interviews with industry leaders and in-depth reports on market developments. 

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  • 4 quarterly issues
  • 1 print Institutional Investment Guide (includes online entry on Pensioen Pro Insights)
  • Total print circulation of 2,125 per edition with a readership of 17,000. (Based on an estimated pass-on readership rate of 7 readers per copy.) 
  • In September distributed to 2,125 + 42,500 = 44,625 readers as a supplement to the Dutch business daily Financieele Dagblad in addition to regular print run.
  • Each edition distributed as interactive, digital flipbook to all 12,000 newsletter subsribers (for example, click on one of the covers above).
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Breakdown Print Circulation 
Editorial Schedule 2021
Copy & Advert Booking Deadline
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Publishing Date
AMG 2021
Annual Print Market Directory
9 Dec 2020
16 Dec 2020
21 Jan 2021
#35 Spring 
China: the way forward
China is an ever more prominent power to be reckoned with. But investing in the Asian superpower is not an easy proposition.  
  • Investing in China: How can pension schemes invest in China and what are the pitfalls
  • Allocation matters: China: a different story by asset class
  • Sustainable China?
  • The bigger picture: geopolitical developments and their impact on pension fund portfolios
22 Feb
2 March
18 March
#36 Summer
Preparing for a sea change: Investment strategies in the new pension system
The new Dutch pension system is expected to have far-reaching implications for the way pension funds invest. 
  • Asset allocation: How will the new regime impact allocation decisions – now, and in 5 years, when the transition is completed?
  • Illiquid/real assets: Will the expected shift to more risk bearing assets lead to a stronger focus on illiquid assets – and which strategies are likely to make the cut? 
  • Governance: a new pension system calls for new governance models. We look at how pension funds are updating their governance and including measures to ensure democracy, diversity and inclusivity
  • The bigger picture: even as the Dutch are moving to a more DC-like approach, the new system retains elements of intergenerational risk sharing. At the same time, the Danish are moving to refocus on delivering benefits rather than realizing short term gains, and various industry groups also call on schemes to eschew short termism. Is Europe moving towards a new DB/DC hybrid approach?
7 June
17 June
1 July
#37 Fall
Responsible investing: Rising to the challenge
Institutional investors increasingly recognize their role as active, long-term oriented “stewards” on a much larger and more encompassing scale than before, from monitoring and engaging with companies they invest in, to integrating ESG and actively pursuing impact investments. Even so the challenges responsible institutional investors are facing are enormous – as are the opportunities.
  • Latest developments in the ESG space: where are we now?
  • Impact investing: identifying opportunities and measuring results
  • Climate change: investing across asset classes
30 Aug
9 Sep
23 Sep
#38 Winter
IIG 2022

In conjunction with the Institutional Investment Guide. Our winter issue, together with the annual overview of asset managers, forms an extra large issue with the theme:
Consolidation: boon or bane?
The ongoing consolidation of the pensions and investment industry affects pension funds as well as their asset managers and other service providers.  We look at the options and challenges for smaller to mid-size schemes looking to merge or join a larger scheme. We also examine inherent risks of the consolidation trend: as markets are increasingly dominated by a few very large players, how big is too big and how few is too few?

  • Consolidation of pension funds: options and challenges 
  • Charting the course of new pension vehicles: PPI’s and APFs
  • Outsourcing: we review the risks of a market dominated by fewer, larger providers – and how pension funds can manage these risks
  • The bigger picture: How big is too big? A closer look at the ideal size of pension providers
  • And, of course, attention for the investor outlook for 2022

24 Nov 2021

1 Dec 2021
20 Jan 2022
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