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Announcing next episode of Pensioen Pro Partner Webinar!

Join us on the 10th of May 2021
14:00 - 15:00 

Rising Inflation and the Opportunities and Threats for Dutch Pension Funds 

This episode will be held in English. 


A reversal of the global inflation trend is imminent. Inflation forecasts are rising rapidly, and this is confronting pension providers with major decisions. Inflation affects asset returns worldwide, and local inflation is a key determinant of real pension outcomes. Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management Gerard Fitzpatrick and investment strategist Jaap Hoek of Russell Investments will provide tips, insights and expectations in a Pension Pro Partner Seminar on 10 May on inflation, every investor's arch enemy.

"Inflation is not just a local issue for domestic assets and liabilities but a global story, affecting the valuation of many assets." 
Gerard Fitzpatrick, Chief Investment Officer for fixed income and EMEA at Russell Investments

"The good news is that the New Pension Contract offers more opportunities to respond to inflation than the straitjacket of the current pension regime." 
Jaap Hoek, Director Investment Strategy & Solutions, Northern Europe at Russell Investments

The seminar will address the most relevant questions about inflation. Will the Covid-19 approach cause a turnaround in inflation? What is the impact of the rapidly rising inflation expectations in the United States? Will Europe soon follow? How will this affect pension funds' global bond portfolios and how can they respond? Will they have to adjust their tactical asset allocation as well as their strategic one? How will the new pension contract in the Netherlands affect this?

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Gerard Fitzpatrick serves as the Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management for Russell Investments. In addition to managing EMEA fixed income funds, he is ultimately responsible for the performance of all of Russell Investments’ fixed income funds globally. As a senior member of the Investment Division, Gerard sits on the Investment Strategy Committee and Investment Leadership Team. He is also a regular media commentator on fixed income and market–related issues.

Jaap Hoek is a Director of Investment Strategy & Solutions for northern Europe. Based in Amsterdam, he is responsible for working with our fiduciary management clients to design and implement investment solutions. 
Jaap joined Russell Investments in 2020 from Robeco where he was responsible for strategic advice to their fiduciary clients. 


Manno van den Berg is event content manager for FD Business. As such, he is also a moderator for Pensioen Pro Partner Webinars. For many years, he was one of the leading financial journalists in the Netherlands writing for De Financiële Telegraaf with in-depth knowledge about the financial sector, investing, and personal finance. He also has been responsible for investment content for asset manager NN Investment Partners and is currently active as a content advisor. 

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