Pensioen Pro Awards 2021

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Which fund will become Pension Fund of the Year 2021?


Gold Awards:

  • Pension Fund of the Year (Audience Award)
  • Exceptional Contribution to the Sector

Silver Awards:

  • Best Pension Fund > €5bln
  • Best Pension Fund < €5bln

Themed Awards:

  • Responsible Investment/ESG
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Asset Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Long-term Investor of the Year

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  • Nominations closed.
  • Candidates may enter into one or multiple categories.
  • Candidates can enter into multiple categories with either one or multiple nominations. 
  • We only accept new nominations. Previous years' entries do not qualify and will not be accepted. 
  • Only persons may be nominated for the category 'Exceptional Contribution to the Sector'. Nominations for funds do not qualify.
  • The candidates on the shortlist for the Audience Award are chosen from all entered nominations, excluding those for the category 'Exceptional Contribution to the Sector'. 
  • Nominations for pension funds are anonymized before they are viewed by the jury.
  • Nominations for all other categories are only available to institutions (not for persons). The identity of the nominating party is kept completely confidential.

Members of the Jury

Martijn Euverman 
Sprenkels & Verschuren

Marike Knoef
Universiteit Leiden, Netspar, SER

Loranne van Lieshout  
Ortec Finance

Stefan Lundbergh
Cardano Insights

Hedwig Peters 
Kring van Pensioenspecialisten

Additional Jury Members for the Diversity & Inclusion Award 

Tarik Uçar, BPF Schoonmaak

Monique van der Poel, Bestuurslid PME Pensioenfonds, Pensioenbelangenbehartiger, FME

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to win an Award?
Pension funds and similar institutional investors and/or second pillar pension providers are eligible to win an Award. They can either nominate themselves or be nominated by a third party. All nominations are treated as confidential information. Please send all nominations to: with 'Pensioen Pro Awards' in the subject line. 
Who can nominate candidates?

Anyone involved in the pensions industry, including pension funds, benefit administration companies,  consultants, asset managers and plan participants and interest groups. are welcome to nominate a candidate. 

How do I nominate a candidate?

Send an email to by November 1st COB with a substantiation of max. 500 words. Make sure to make mention of the Pensioen Pro Awards in the subject of your email. Additionally, you may attach max. 1 page of supplemental material to your nomination. 
How are the winners chosen?
A panel of judges, consisting of experts in the field, will select the winners of the different categories and compose the shortlist for the golden audience award 'Best Pension Fund of the Year'. Pensioen Pro and FD subscribers and BNR listeners will select the winner from this shortlist. 

Assessment Criteria

Golden Awards

  • Pension Fund of the Year
    (audience award) 
    Our panel of judges will compose a shortlist from all entries consisting of three candidates that have either distinguished themselves in more than one category or excell on one or more accounts. Pensioen Pro and Financieele Dagblad subscribers and BNR listeners will select the winner from this shortlist. 
  • Exceptional Contribution to the Sector 
    Awarded to a person that has made an exceptional contribution to the pension industry and/or the pension system, either in the past year or over a longer period (‘oeuvre award’).

Silver Awards
The awards for best pension fund greater/smaller than €5 bn are awarded based on excellence with regards to policy, performance, governance, communication, customer service for example, in a peer group of comparable pension funds. 

Themed Awards

  • Responsible Investment/ESG
    This award goes to a candidate that takes into account ESG factors in an outstanding manner and implement a transparent ESG policy in both strategy as well as investing.
  • Innovation
    This award offers recognition to ‘thought leadership’ and those that have taken on a leading role in a time where the Dutch pensions system is undergoing drastic changes and fundamental restructuring. 
  • Communication
    This award offers recognition to a candidate demonstrating exemplary and customer oriented communication.
  • Asset Management 
    This award recognizes an approach to investment management that is perfectly suited to the needs and objectives of the pension fund in terms of risk, returns, costs, transparency etc. 
  • Diversity & Inclusion Award
    This award goes to a pension organization promoting diversity and inclusion in the board of trustees, both with regards to age, gender, cultural background and views. Two guest judges will join the judges panel for this award.
  • Long-term Investor of the Year
    Recognizes investment strategies demonstrating a long-term focus on both financial and social returns.