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Keynote: Impact investing journey

Maurits Schouten, impact investor and board member of PYM, the conscious investors’ community

In this keynote presentation, Maurits Schouten discusses his impact investing journey. How he learned by doing and discovered that impact investing is much more interesting and rewarding than conventional investing and can really change your worldview. 

Discussion: Forging a bond: the collaborative journey of investee and investor

Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, founder and CEO, Chi Impact Capital
Daan Smits, Head of Operational Development, Mosa Meat
Costas Papaikonomou, founding partner, Una Terra Venture Capital Fund 
Farhad Miri, CFO, Micvac 

In this session, impact investors and their investee companies discuss how their collaborative partnerships enhances the potential for both financial returns and positive impact. 

Presentation: Achieving SDGs through financial inclusion 

Sytske Groenewald, Senior Sustainability & Impact Analyst, Cardano

How to realise the SDGs? This is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing today. Financial inclusion can be part of the solution. How investments in access to financial products and services can contribute to achieving the global SDGs will be explained with support of real investment examples.

Networking Lunch 

Keynote: Impact investing across asset classes: a pension fund perspective 

Karin Bouwmeester, PGGM

Pension funds are increasingly considering impact investing strategies across asset classes. But what is impact investing? And what are the opportunities and challenges for a pension fund investor? 

Presentation: How you can align your government bond portfolio with the SDGs
Jan Anton van Zanten, SDG Strategist, Robeco

The SDGs provide a blueprint for a better world. However, with just seven years on the clock, the world is far off track in achieving these goals. One major hurdle is financing. The financing gap for the SDGs is wide, increasing, and particularly pervasive in emerging markets. What can government bond investors do to align their portfolios with the SDGs? This talk takes you through the strategy that you can employ to support the attainment of the SDGs.

Presentation: Adapting to and transforming our planet - Impact investing opportunities in emerging markets

Wim Vandenhoeck, senior portfolio manager, Invesco

Communities globally must adapt to climate change. However, not all can afford to do so. In this session, we explore how private capital in tandem with public sector investments can create beneficial synergies that can drive a more resilient future across vulnerable regions by focusing investments specifically on food and water systems, infrastructure, and disaster protection.

Panel: SDGs - Bridging the gap in emerging markets 
Lisa van Splunteren, Manager Investor Relations & Business Development, Triple Jump and Laure Wessemius-Chibrac, Managing Director, Netherlands Advisory Board

With the 2030 ‘deadline’ fast approaching, the Sustainable Development Goals remain an elusive challenge for emerging markets. What is preventing more investors to move in, and what can be done to scale up the mobilisation of capital towards strategies generating real-world impact in emerging countries?


Presentation: Impact Investing in Listed Equities - Our journey towards a more sustainable world

Rosie Rankin, Investment Specialist Director, Baillie Gifford

Join Rosie as she discusses the important role that impact investing in listed equities can play in our journey towards a more sustainable world. Will you agree with her view that listed equity impact investing is a key way of providing access to impact investing, supporting impactful companies and ultimately creating real world impact?

Presentation: Thematic Private Equity - Environment Strategy
Nicolas Thomas,  private equity investment manager, Pictet Asset Management

How to invest in environment-related companies while generating alpha and going beyond returns. Pictet is using Planetary Boundaries as a tool to invest in environment companies and report. 

Panel: Impact measurement and management (IMM): Standardised approach or tailor-made?
Adrien Gruson, Senior Associate, Impact Institute, Christophe Bochatay, Head of ESG & Impact, Triple Jump and Wouter Koelewijn, Senior Advisor Europe, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

This session will explore recent developments in impact measurement and management and how current practices and new frameworks are affecting investors and investees. Panellists will also discuss the importance of peer sharing and benchmarking when it comes to impact.

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