Past Sessions

Thursday 8 October - Investor Council

Workshop I
Climate risks in portfolios
The EU Taxonomy: a tool to help pension funds manage climate risks in their portfolios

          Speaker: Helena Viñes Fiestas, Deputy Global
          Head of Sustainability, BNP Paribas Asset

Workshop II
Climate proof portfolios
Climate change has been described as a systemic risk to global finance. There is no silver bullet to this global challenge, and so investors need to be open-minded to how climate change considerations are incorporated in their portfolios. In this session we will discuss case studies to illustrate how an understanding of climate change and an unrelenting search for opportunities can position a portfolio for long term sustainable growth.

          Speaker: Marianne Harper Gow, Governance
          and Sustainability Specialist, Baillie Gifford

          André de Vos, Editor in Chief Print & Events, Pensioen Pro

Global Warming: Lessons from the Ocean

          Speaker: Gert-Jan Reichart, Paleo-climate Expert and Professor of Geosciences, Earth Sciences,
          Stratigraphy & paleontology, UU and NIOZ


Getting stranded: Has the corona crisis brought us to the turning point with regards to fossil fuel and is divestment the way forward? What does the future of Oil look like?

          Speaker: Dennis van der Putten, Director Sustainability & Strategy, Actiam

A Positive Impact on Climate through Engagement
How engagement can be used as the carrot and more and more often as the stick to meet the goals set at the Paris Climate Accords.

          Speaker: Pieter van Stijn, Analist Responsible Investment, BMO Global Asset Management

Breakout A
Impact Investing 

Breakout B
How to measure and benchmark effectiveness and sustainability of investments

Listed Equity Impact Investing: Opportunities and Challenges
Impact investing in public markets has expanded rapidly in recent years. The session explores the challenges of impact investing in public markets, the importance of purpose-led businesses delivering solutions to environmental and social challenges, the benefits of engagement alongside exploring  practical considerations for impact investors.

          Speaker: Oliver MacArthur, Equity Manager
          Selection and Impact Research, Aon

EU Climate Labels

A new step in transparancy and benchmarking?

          Speaker: Rutger Maenen, Head of
          Institutional Sales Nederland, Amundi Asset

Investing in companies playing an active part in the energy transition

Recently, a group of major French institutional investors awarded its first Climate Ambition Fixed Income mandate to us after an intensive selection process. Based on an innovative climate approach, this new strategy is built around the carbon footprint of a European individual, the starting point of a customized “Climate index”. 

          Speakers: Maria-Laura Hartpence, Head of
          Fixed Income Quantitative Research and
          Rachida Mourahib, Head of Fixed Income ESG
          and Green Research, Credit Research at HSBC
          Global Asset Management

ESG Data: Challenges and how to convert ESG data into investment portfolios
Hot Topic: Integrating Climate Risk into (y)our investment policy, security selection and governance activities

          Speaker: Michael Lewis, Head of ESG Thematic
          Research, DWS

Now is the time
Should the billions of euros earmarked for mitigating the negative effects of the corona crisis also be used to realize climate objectives? Is this even possible and what role might institutional investors have?    

          Panel: Mathijs van Dijk, Professor Finance, Erasmus University; Charles Kalshoven, Senior Strategist, APG;
         Grethe Schepers, Director of Research at Fidelity Solutions & Multi Asset; Barbara Zuiderwijk, Green
         Moderator: André de Vos, Editor in Chief Print & Events, Pensioen Pro


Green Bonds & Climate Bonds

          Speaker: Bram Bos, Lead Portfolio Manager, NN Investment Partners

Deflationary renewables, green hydrogen and Covid 19
The acceleration of energy transition and its impact on investors

          Speaker: Mark Lewis, Chief Sustainability Strategist, BNP Paribas Asset Management

Dutch Central Bank Perspective
How does the regulator view climate risks in pension fund portfolios?

          Speaker: Sven van den Beld, Head of Expert Center for Financial Risks, De Nederlandsche Bank 

Wednesday October 7th - Live Poll

15:00 - 16:00
Pensioen Pro Live Poll
Virtual panel discussion and live poll: What can and should pension funds do to combat climate change?
          Speakers: Vincent van Bijleveld, Director sustainable investments, Finance Ideas; Bernardo Korenberg,
         Head of Sustainability & Innovation, Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors; Gerard Roest, pension fund
         boardmember, FNV

         Hosted by: Frank van Alphen, Editor, Pensioen Pro

Tuesday October 6th - Pensioen Pro Live Special

Pensioen Pro Live Special
Global Environmental Opportunities
We’re discussing practical pointers, issues and solutions with experts in the field
          Speakers: Marc Olivier Buffle, Senior Product Specialist, Pictet Asset Management, Dimple Sahni,
         Managing Director Impact Funds Portfolios, Anthos Fund & Asset Management and Jacqueline van
, Portfolio Manager Balance Sheet Management at PGB Pensioendiensten

         Hosted by: Maaike Veen, International Financial Economic Journalist

Monday October 5th - Kick-off

15:00 - 16:00
Virtual Kick-off
What can and should the Dutch pensions sector do about climate change?
          SpeakersGert-Jan Reichart, Paleo-climate Expert and Professor of Geosciences, Earth Sciences,
          Stratigraphy & paleontology, UU and NIOZ and Sven van den Beld, Head of Expert Center for Financial
          Risks, De Nederlandsche Bank.

          Special guestsJane and Keith Ambachtsheer 

          Hosted by: André de Vos, Editor in Chief Print & Events, Pensioen Pro

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