Focus Conference 2024

Transferring benefits to the new system

On 1 January 2025, the first Dutch pension funds will make the transition to the new system. An immense operation in which billions will move from collective pots to individual pension assets. How are funds to do this? Who gets what and what do you tell the participant about it? Is automation ready for it? And of course: what do plans from The Hague mean for the transition? At the Pension Pro Focus conference on 20 March in Zeist, you will be caught up to date.

Wednesday March 20 
Hotel Theater Figi, Het Rond 2, 3701 HS Zeist

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10:45 - 11:15 Registration and coffee


How to communicate on transferring benefits?

Pension funds must tell their participants what will change in their pension when they enter the new system. But what do you tell the participant? Which scenarios and amounts are mandatory, what is manageable? And which means of communication do you use?

With Margreet Teunissen, pension fund board member at Pf Bibliotheken; Marjan Krol, Consultant pension communication, TKP; Bas Werker, University Tilburg, Netspar  and Ronald Kerkhof, Customer Communications Director, Smart Communications

Registration and lunch

André de Vos, Editor Print and Events Pensioen Pro


So? Did they live happily ever after?

One person gives an 8 to their life, another a 5. Using data from the Dutch Twin Register, Meike Bartels shows that differences in feelings of happiness are partly because people differ genetically from each other. Major international research confirms this. Does that mean we can't change happiness, or can you train happiness? And why is the transition from a 'wellbeing society' (with happiness as the ultimate outcome) to a 'society based on wellbeing' (where we start with happiness) important?

‘Happiness Professor’ Meike Bartels, VU Amsterdam

What does the participant think of the pension transition?

Lifetri conducted research into how the average Dutch pension participant experiences the old and new pension system and presents the fresh results. What about trust? How does political sentiment play a role in this? How do generations differ in terms of experience? And what can we do with this as a pension sector?

Speakers: Arno Onsman and Chrisly Molenschot at Lifetri


The legal hurdles

Will rafting without consent rights indeed trigger a flood of litigation? What are the pitfalls and can you avoid them as an individual fund?

Speaker: Pauline Bakker, Senior Associate, Employment Law and Pension Law, Baker & McKenzie


Keynote presentation

A smooth transition: first observations on transfer reports

The first transfer reports have been received, how is the process going so far and what can DNB and pension fund board members learn from this?

Speaker: Hans de Boer, head of the supervision of transfer decisions, DNB


Buy-Out, Time-Out, Opt-Out

From buy-out to opt-out: an alternative for participants who cannot or do not want to transfer benefits.

Speaker: Lennaert van Anken, Director Buy-outs and Business Development, Athora Netherlands



16:35 – 17:35
The early birds 


The interim status on the transition calendar
Speaker: Arno IJmker, partner Eraneos

Practical experiences of pension funds that are the first to transition to the new system.

With board members of various pension funds who will transfer as of 1-1-25: Peter Mannaert, pensioenfonds Bakkers; Petra de Bruijn, Oak Pensioen; Danse Sonneveld, pensioenfonds Dierenartsen; Hermien Wiselius, PWRI Fieke van der Lecq, government commissioner for pensions transition


Political plans: Interview with Agnes Joseph (subject to change)

Closing words

By Rosa d'Adelhart Toorop, Policy Secretary Pensions at VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland

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