Focus Conference 2023

The participant

Pension administration ultimately revolves around the participant, and that applies doubly so in a DC system. But are our systems up to the task? What are the (im)possibilities, which requirements must be met in the future, how do we keep the administration flexible and affordable? From pension tech to choice stress, we discuss the most important dc implementation issues and solutions.

16th of March 2023
Hotel Theater Figi, Het Rond 2, 3701 HS Zeist


Measuring risk appetite: test the testers
Hands-on session with an overview of different approaches to risk preference surveys. On the spot risk preference surveys from Aon, IG&H, Montae, Sprenkels and TKP. Participating providers will briefly introduce their approach, after which there will be time to test these in practice. 

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André de Vos, Editor Print and Events Pensioen Pro

Keynote presentation
The participant of 2050
A new pension system will be rolled out in the upcoming years, regardless of an ever changing labor market. Scarcity in certain sectors, industries dying out, the gap between flex and tenure, more elderly people working longer, migrant workers, job insecurity due to robotization and a shrinking workforce. Under these circumstances, how will the Dutch pension system make it to 2050?

Speaker: Daniël van Vuuren, professor of social security and labor market in Tilburg, also works at SEO and is a member of the State Commission Demographic Developments 2050

Transparency and the impact of cost pressure in DB to DC reforms
Occupational pensions in Europe are under constant change due to demography, financial dynamics, and reform. They have all embarked on separate journeys on the same track, but the success factors are the same. Based on 20 years of experience from Scandinavia, there is one factor that stands out as the most important when transferring from DB to DC – Low costs.
How can pension funds address the need for lower cost through scale, automation, and efficient digital customer service?

Speaker: Peter Roos, Sales & Business Development Executive, Lumera

The participant's choice
The Future Pensions Act has been passed by the House of Representatives. The pressure, dilemmas and interests at the board table are increasing. Participants want certainty and clarity. Insurer Lifetri helps pension funds to realize solutions with a large support base. Pension fund Allianz Nederland gave participants the opportunity to choose for themselves: a guaranteed fixed value pension or adding the accrued entitlements to the renewed Allianz DC scheme. The freedom of choice offers a future-proof solution and satisfied participants.

Speakers: Henk Boeve, former Chairman of the Board, Pension Fund Allianz Nederland group & Philippe Wits, CEO, Lifetri

Stream 1: Pension Administration Issues

Stream 2: Communication and Choice

14:20 - 14:40
The ideal system, the ideal administrator

14:20 - 14:40
Digital choice guidance: a practical interpretation

Pension administration organizations and self-administering funds are working on system choices for the Wtp. Most parties have already chosen, others are still deliberating. What is the intermediate state of affairs in system land? What principled choices are funds and PUOs making? Where are the main risks and opportunities and will it all work out in time? And what consequences will the participant notice towards and after 1/1/2027? 

Speaker: Arno Ijmker, Partner, Eraneos (formerly Quint)

The WTP includes additional obligations to guide participants in their pension choices. Pension communication and choice guidance can be excellently supported digitally. What are the recent insights in this field and how do you arrive at a practical implementation? But also: what are the wishes and expectations of pension funds themselves?

Speakers: Niels van Maurik, Managing Consultant & Maarten Hundepool, Managing Consultant, Keylane

14:45 - 15:05
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14:45 - 15:05
A Personal Participant Relationship thanks to artificial intelligence

How to build Personal Participant Relationships (PDRs) with your participants as a pension fund. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring the personal touch of dating to your communications with participants and employers.

Speaker: Mark Verschuren, Partner, AethiQs


Keynote presentation
More info coming soon
No later than January 1st, 2027, the Netherlands will switch to new rules for our pensions. To meet this challenging schedule, APG started the transition to the new system several years ago. For example, with a check on the quality of the data in the administration systems and the complexity in the schemes. The world of the future is becoming clearer and the route is well mapped out. What steps will APG take during this transition and what opportunities and challenges does the administrator see?

Speaker: Wim Koeleman, Managing Director New Pension System, APG

Income central: the participant's perspective
In the new pension system, the responsibility for retirement lies more with the individual participant. For citizens, that means a lifetime of balancing income and expenses and anticipating risks for themselves. What do 'participant centric' and 'income centric' mean? A look at the online experience lab where Visma Idella is investigating the transition to the new system from the perspective of the participant, together with pension funds.

Speaker: Chris Vrolijk, Productmanager & Renée Bies, Key Account Manager, Visma Idella 

The pension sector connects to the Wage Return Chain

The business case drawn up jointly by the pension sector, the Wage Declaration Chain Office and the SIVI shows that connection to the WRC represents a substantial cost saving and a quality leap for the data used. But what are the conditions for connection and what will "our" relationship look like?

Speaker: Henk Joosten, wage tax return chain manager within the partnership between Belastingdienst, UWV and CBS.

16:40 – 17:25
Closing Panel 
The new system: how do I break it to the participant?
Discussion on how best to guide the participant during the transition phase.

Panel: Including Anne de Groot, Manager team Pensions, AFM, Lisa Brüggen, Professor of Financial Services, Maastricht University and Mireille de Ridder, pension consultant, PMT

Moderator: Pensioen Pro Editor Print & Events, André de Vos

Final Touch
The last word: the participant

Speaker: Laurie Kos, Municipality of Amsterdam & Member of Accountability Body at ABP

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