Investor Council
25 September 2024

Date and location: Wednesday 25 September, LantarenVenster, Rotterdam

Conference theme: 

Investing in the new pension system
The Dutch pension system is changing from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution: a fundamental change with far-reaching consequences. Pension funds’ investment policies are expected to be tailored more closely to plan members’ needs, while those members will demand more information about ‘their’ investments – ranging from performance to sustainability. What will the ideal investment portfolio look like? Will there be a pivot towards more risk-bearing assets (if plan participants want)? What is the role of sustainability? And, importantly, how will members be informed about their pension assets?

We tackle topics such as:

  • interest hedges
  • return and matching investments
  • difference between flexible and solidary system
  • the role of the custodian (and the relation between pensioenadmin and asset management)
  • risk appetite of participants translated in investments
  • explicit and implicit lifecycles
  • illiquid investments and their appreciation
  • communication with participants on their investments
Event Setup: 
11:00 Workshops 
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Keynote
13:30 Sponsor presentation
13:55 Break-out programme
15:05 Break
15:30 Keynote
16:00 Sponsor presentation
16:25 Sponsor presentation
16:50 Panel
17:20 Networking drinks






Presentation (± 45 min), workshops take place before event’s plenary session and includes 2 passes (speaker + 1) for conference.



Presentation (± 20 min) during plenary session. Your logo on the holding slides of the plenary presentations. Includes 2 passes (speaker + 1) for the conference.

Breakout Session


Presentation (± 30 min) in parallel breakout stream during afternoon programme. Moderated by a Pensioen Pro editor. Conference attendees register in advance which sessions they want to attend. Includes 2 passes (speaker + 1) for plenary session. 

Break, Lunch, Drinks


Bannering and branding during lunch, breaks and networking drinks. Brief (5 minute) speech opening networking drinks optional. *

*Please note: Sponsor to deliver own branding material. Costs of production material not included in package.


Each of the sponsorship packages listed above includes the following branding: 
Before event:

  • Sponsors will receive an registration list with contact information of attendees who have agreed to share their details.
  • Logo on the event website. 
  • Your speaker with photo and short bio on the event website. 
  • Your logo on all event marketing, including a 'save the date' announcement, invitations, and conference programme mailings to our entire email database. 
  • Your logo on the 'Who's who'/registration page on the event website where participants who have agreed to share their data are available. 

During event:

  • Your logo visible on a side screen on the stage during your presentation. 
  • Your logo with the text 'made possible by' remains visible at the bottom of the screen during the live stream of your session (if applicable).
  • Optional (un)manned stand for your brochures/sampling.
  • NB: Sponsor provides own branding material! Production cost of material not included in package.

After event:

  • Sponsors will receive an attendee list with contact information of those attendees who have agreed to share their details.
  • Optional your logo on the presentation slides that will be sent afterwards to all registered participants.

Click on the YouTube logo on the left to view the 2022 Investor Council

Please find 2022 breakdown below:

  • 62% of attendees were asset owners, including pension funds, insurers etc.
  • 17% of attendees were 'other', including academics, regulatory and media
  • 20% of attendees were sponsors, including supply side such as asset managers and banks
  • 1% of attendees were consultants