Once a year, Pension Pro offers its sell-side clients the opportunity to present themselves to the buy-side of the market. To this end, in January, Pension Pro magazine #49 will include the special: Annual Institutional Investment Guide.

Sell-side clients can showcase themselves via a clear and comprehensive profile on a 2/1 page - spread in the guide (see example below). Pensioen Pro's content specialists are responsible for the layout of these pages based on the template completed by the customer and the supplied logo and image. 

In addition to a profile in the guide, the client will also receive their own online partner page in 'the Kennisbank' on PensioenPro.nl for twelve months starting 1 January 2024. All kinds of content relevant to the subject can be posted here on a monthly basis. This information will be posted on the online partner page by Pensioen Pro staff. To boost this partner page, partner content is highlighted at least twice a year in the Pensioen Pro weekly newsletter.

Figure below shows example profile from the 2023 edition of the guide.

Profile (print) + Partner Page (online):
EUR 7,500 (ex VAT)


  • Distributed as part of Pension Pro magazine #49 among 2,500 Pension Pro subscribers. 
  • Issue 49 will also be distributed at our conferences (3 per year) for an additional print circulation of 3 x 200.
  • Pensioen Pro magazine, including the Annual Institutional Investment Guide, is distributed as a digital 'flipbook' to 11,500 Pensioen Pro newsletter subscribers.